20180605_143203Hi! I am beyond thrilled you stopped by! My name is Liz. I’m a Christian, a wife of 11 years to my Superman, and a stay at home mommy of 4 beautiful kiddos that I bore in just 5 years! Yes, life is busy but full of adventure. A nerd at heart, I love to learn new things and help others learn too. I started this blog in order to inspire others to live frugally but thankfully. And to connect with other like minded mamas!

When my husband was suddenly without a job, this unexpected life change allowed me to look at life with new perspective. We have chosen to follow the Dave Ramsey plan to gain financial freedom for our family’s future. Currently on Baby Step 2 (paying off all our debt except our mortgage) staying motivated isn’t easy. But,┬ásince I am the NERD in my marriage, I can’t stop talking about budgeting! So why not help out others right?

I hope this blog serves as a how-to guide for you. If you are trying to pay off your debts or simply just trying to be good stewards of the money the Lord is allotting you, you have come to the right place! My passion is to help you do just that.

My main focus for this blog is to help other mamas find ways to contribute to their family’s financial goals while still raising littles. You will find articles on how I save tons of money on groceries, keep homeschool curriculum cheap, staying frugal, focused and much, much, more. I pray these are helpful to you and your journey!




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