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Here are some amazing resources you can use to supplement or completely replace your homeschool curriculum… for FREE! If you have a internet connection and a good printer, there is no need for expensive homeschooling costs. If this list doesn’t convince you that homeschool doesn’t have to be expensive, I don’t know what will!

Check back with this page often as I am always looking for new resources.

Review Packets for Summer

These packets of worksheets are great for summer, review or if you just want to throw a worksheet into your normal routine.

Summer Review Packet for Kindergarten

Kindergarten Readiness Packet

Ready for First Grade Packet

Get Ready for 2nd Grade Workbook

Completed 2nd going into 3rd grade Packet

Get Ready for 3rd Grade Workbook

Get Ready for 4th Grade Workbook

Get Ready for 5th Grade Workbook


Word Mastery Phonics for the First Three Grades– Simple, straight to the point

AlphaPhonics– Simple but thorough. Great complete program.

AlphaPhonics First Readers  Goes with the Alpha Phonics Reading Program

AlphaPhonics Word Flashcards  Goes with Alpha Phonics Reading Program

Alphabet Fluency Test and Cards

Free Phonics Lessons– Easy to print individual lessons

Progressive Phonics -This is a cute all in one reading and handwriting program.

Blend Phonics Lessons and Stories Teaches phonics and reading comprehension

Phonics Printable Pictures and Word Cards -This is great for Letter of the Week (Pre-K)

Sound City Reading This curriculum has all the bells and whistles. If you like pictures, print out readers and games, start here first.

Reading Bear– This is a very handy online free phonics curriculum.

The Phonics Page – Another free online phonics program for grade 2 and up.

This Reading Mama Blog– Absolute amazing blog for everything you need to teach your kiddo to read!


Early Readers -These are cute little readers.

McGuffey Primer

McGuffey Primer Reading App- Free Version– I bought the full version of this app for about $3. My 5 year old is using it to learn to read. She absolutely loves it. And I love how it is simple and not too overly stimulating.

McGuffey’s First Reader

McGuffey’s Second Reader

McGuffey’s Third Reader

Elson Readers Primer

Elson Readers Book 1

Elson Readers Book 2

Elson Readers Book 3

Elson Readers Book 4

Elson Readers Book 6

Stepping Stones to Literature

The Story Hour Reader  I believe this book is on the Robinson Curriculum Book list. A very hard book to find!

The Child’s First Book of Thoughts This book is basically a list of questions to ask your little one. It’s neat to see what their answers are. This book gives great ideas of topics to cover in elementary grades.

The Jones First Reader Introduces reading in cursive.

Language Arts

The Good and Beautiful Grades 1-5

Primary Language Lessons by Emma Serl- 

Primary Language Lessons Teacher Guide and Answer Key

Lessons in Language andLiterature 

Writing and Handwriting

Writing With Ease (A Guide to Designing Your Own Elementary Writing Curriculum) This looks like an excellent guide for parents to organize their own writing curriculum!

Exercises in Dictation– Dictation exercises for writing. This is an advanced book probably for high school. It explains punctuation, paraphrasing, composition writing, essay writing and more.

Developing Writing Workbook

AlphaPhonics Cursive Cards

Direct Path to Cursive

Cursive Writing Practice Jokes and Riddles

KJV Proverbs Copywork

Cursive Penmanship Combining letters into Words

Laura Ingalls Wilder Series

Little House In The Big Woods Activity Book

Little House in the Big Woods study guide

Little House in the Big Woods study guide grade 3-4

Little House On The Prairie Worksheets

Little House in the Prairie study guide

Farmer Boy Unit Study

By the Shores of Silver Lake lapbook and study guide

The Long Winter study guide

These Happy Golden Years Quiz

The First Four Years discussion questions


Grammar Land –This book is grammar in story form! How fun is that! A great family read aloud.

Grammar Land Worksheets

First Lessons in English

The Child’s Own English Book

Grammar Made Easy for Beginners

Elementary Grammar and Composition

First Lessons in English Grammar

Harvey’s Elementary Grammar

Grammar and Handwriting Workbooks grades 1-6

Daily Grammar-Great resource for lessons based on individual grammar subject

Spelling/ Vocabulary

Spelling City – free version

Quizlet -free version

Reading Treasures Workbooks Grades K-6

Spelling Strategies-5th-6th graders having trouble with spelling

The Complete Guide to English Spelling Rules

How to Spell with Patterns

McGuffey’s Speller

The Modern Speller Book 1

The Modern Speller Book 2

Dictation Day by Day Year 3– Great book for spelling by dictation Charlotte Mason style.

Dictation Day by Day Book 4

Phonics & Spelling Workbook Grade 3

The Natural Speller and Word Book

Noah Webster’s Spelling Book Method

A High School Spelling Book


Everyday Number Stories-Very cute math book

First Lessons in Numbers: Oral and Written

Graded City Arithmetic: Beginners Primer Book Numbers 1-20

Free Math Worksheets

Math Facts Coloring Pages -Find the mystery picture. These worksheets make math facts fun!

Arithmetic for Young Children

Primary Lessons in Numbers

Number Nut Addition Workbooks

Practice Workbook Grade 2

Practice Math Workbooks Grade K-5

Grade 4 Math Workbook

Math is Fun-Simple lessons and worksheets worksheets and printables

TeacherPayTeachers Free Math Packs

Math in English Workbooks Grades 1-6

Number Stories of Long Ago This book tells the stories about how numbers came to be! It’s very interesting.

Ray’s Arithmetic for all grades

First Year In Number-This is a super cute math book. Great for K-1st grade. You can easily use manipulatives with it.

Everyday Arithmetic Primary Book 1

Everyday Arithmetic Book 2

Everyday Arithmetic Book 3

Arithmetic Can Be Fun!– I am excited about this one! Great for littles!

Course of Study and Answer Keys to Everyday Arithmetic

Multiplication Flash Cards- Printable

Addition Flashcards- Printable

Subtraction flashcards- Printable

Division Flashcards- Printable– This is a fantastic free online math facts practice program

School arithmetic books 1-3

Work and Play with Numbers– This is a great Math book! Especially for beginning adding, subtraction facts and memorizing skip counting.

MEP– A complete Math program from the UK

Junior High Mathematics Book 1

Math Grade 6 Summer Workbook

Futuristic Math Worksheets Grades PreK-7

Kindergarten Math Workbook

Saxon 5/4 Study Packet Tests

Science/ History/ Nature Studies

Outlines in Nature Study and History  This is an elementary book with lessons on animals, the human body, plants and natural science. It also contains history lessons about Columbus, Pocahontas, the Liberty Bell, Star Spangled Banner and more!

Elementary Science Lessons Book 1  These books have science experiments and lessons! Awesome ideas!

Elementary Science Lessons Book 2

Elementary Science Lessons Book 3

Common Things and Elementary Science

Real Things in Nature

Jenny and the Insects

Nature Stories for Young Readers-Animal Life

Nature Stories for Young Readers- Plant Life

Extracurricular Activities

The American Girl’s Handy Book– This is a great book of activities for everything girl! It contains crafts for holidays, home decor, candy making, how to preserve flowers and so much more!

The American Boy’s Handbook of Camp-lore and Woodcraft– If you love camping like my family, this book teaches you how to build a fire from friction, to cooking on the open flame.

The American Boy’s Handy Book– Everything a boy needs to know! Great activities.

Brush Work Elementary Brush-Forms

How to Draw

Educational Games and Activities

Dice & Card Games to Practice Math Facts

Print and Play Math Games

Making Math More Fun Game Ideas

This Reading Mama Blog

Comprehensive Curriculum

Old Fashion Education

Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool-Highly recommend!!

Ambleside online- Charlotte Mason Curriculum

Online Free Public School– is a free complete online curriculum accredited by the public school system. If you are planning on sending your kiddo back to public school at some point and want to keep up with Common Core, this is the place to go. Even if you don’t want anything to do with public school, they have handy worksheets and great spelling lists.


KJV Bible

Awana – Awana is non-denominational Christian discipleship program hosted by many churches around the world. It uses an in depth curriculum to encourage scripture memorization and equip the youth to spread the Good News. Check out the website and plug in your zip code to see if there is a church in your area that has it. Besides Bible reading and Bible story books, this is the only other thing I use for my kids’ Bible curriculum. They have homework every week and enjoy in immensely!

Parent/Teacher Guides

Educating the Child at Home

Bookless Lessons for the Teacher-Mother

Hints on Child-training

Primary Object Lessons  Elementary manual for parents and teachers in developing children in senses and first lessons in life.

Reading Resources (Where to find free books)

The Baldwin Online Children’s Literature Project

Librivox – Free public domain audio-books

Project Gutenberg

Digital Public Library of America

Open Library

Other Very Helpful Tools – Make your own worksheets and copy-work

Puzzle Fast – Make your own crossword puzzles and word searches

Khan Academy -Watch out for the science. I am not familiar with his views.

The Homeschool Printing Company Send your documents in pdf and they will do the rest! Created by a veteran homeschool family.

Teachers Pay Teachers This website has many free worksheets games and activities that are designed by teachers. If you have the program, you can even make your own bundles and sell them yourself.

Robinson Curriculum Book List



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